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Originally Posted by SonOfLe-loLang View Post
I think Bron going back to Cleveland would be a great story, and if they have pieces set up, I assume he considers it. Wade is getting older and there's little else on the roster outside of bosh. I believe Cleveland would have cap room for two stars in 2014 (I may be wrong about that) plus Irving, their number one pick, varejao, Thompson, so forth.
James will never play for Dan Gilbert. That team can't get any quality free agents to save its life. Can they build through the draft? Maybe, but just in time for them to be good, their players will start testing the free agent market.

On the other hand, Miami has been good with James carrying the entire load. Wade must have made a big difference in only 9-10 games this year. Having Wade replaced (retire or injury) with another good player will be ok for James.

My point is, Riley will not just let this team get old, and watch James find a new team. IMO James will not even test the market this time.
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