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M. Salah

Originally Posted by OrangeCrush2724 View Post
That article is horse $hit. It pretends the Heat are just going to roll over and die with age, and Lebron will leave. Pat Riley doesn't just sit on his ass and hope everything works out. He is as aggressive as they come since he's been here. This goes back to getting Alonzo Morning in his prime for chump change.

I wouldn't be surprised if the Big Three take pay cuts to get more free agents. That's the beauty when you want to live in a place like Miami.
Oh I don't know about all that. The new luxury tax is brutal. I'm not saying LeBron is leaving, but what I am saying is that big three may be broken up, via Wade or Bosh being let go. At the very least, it's going to be an issue that isn't solved as easily as you're saying.

I get they all want to be there, I get that they're going to win the title this year and be favorites next year, but at some point that luxury tax will come into play. They jacked it up so much that even the big market teams will need to think about it.
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