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Originally Posted by NorCalBronco7 View Post
Whoever said its way to early to talk FF can GTFO. Never too early.

cuttthemdown here my top 12 ppr guys so far

AP (whoever doesnt take him 1st in both formats is a hopeless moron)

The strategy most perpetuated so far is take RB early and wait on QB/WR. Although I agree with this almost completely, 2nd and 3rd round RBs are downright scary for such a premium price. Murray, Bush, Ridley, McFragile, CJ1K, David Wilson, etc......I dont have a lot of confidence if any in these guys. I dont mind waiting til round late 3-4 and gambling on a Lamar Miller or Ryan Matthews with my 2nd RB later, if guys like Sproles/SJ are gone (any guys I like). Rookie RBs, Ball and Bell, have been going as high as the 3rd round. Thats insane to me, and I cant imagine drafting either of them that high, but it does show how much people are willing to spend on a potential staring RB and how shallow the field is looking this season.

In PPR almost every team has a baller WR core, and with WR being especially deep looking, I dont mind grabbing a QB as early as the 3rd for the top 2 imo........ Brees and Rodgers. I will most likely be waiting however.

Awesome! i agree never to early to start talking any kind of football. Glad to see some people would rather talk football then only GAME OF THRONES.

The only qbs i would take early would be: Rodgers, Brees, Manning, Brady. I like Ryan a lot also obviously like everyone does so maybe him also. Newton, Stafford, RG3, Kap etc just seem like all bunched up and not worth going for until say 7th round.
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