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Originally Posted by maven View Post
Haven't check my data so off on a whim with this response.

Just going quickly by this list. I think Foster is a fall this year. Aj Green will go higher because he's a heck of a talent/target. Trent, Jammal, Spiller & McCoy could be real wild cards(as in going way up or way down). Rice is getting up there as a stay away. Morris was a great pickup last year because he fell to late rounds or free agent, but is he a great back? Lynch will split more carries as he ages though we didn't see it last year. Martin will be targeted high. Megatron will go high.

I have my rules and know what I'm typically picking.

It's going to be another fun year to take peoples money.

Everyone talking about how this is really the yr everyone waits until late to start taking QBs. I was sort of wondering if that meant and when players like Ryan, Manning, Newton would start to get picked. I usually wait until 7th round to take a QB but if everyone is waiting maybe i will go early this yr and try and grab a top 5 qb.
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