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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
Gaffo is upset that the USSR collapsed?
In the 1990s the Bank of New York -- at the urging of the US intelligence community -- set up a wire transfer scam to money launder billions out of Russia.

Ro and W*gs apparently approve of this raping of another country -- which notice -- was not part of a US plan to defeat the USSR as it happened in the 1990s - AFTER the end of the Cold War. It was rape pure and simple.

But hey -- BoNY also rapes Americans. Check out this analysis by Harry Marcopolis -- who helped bring down Bernie Madoff. Marcopolis has been investigating BoNY -- and explains how they ripped off US pension funds -- to the tune of at least $10 billion.

W*gs and Ro cheer the raping of Russia -- do they support this as well?

The case shows just how wacked out they are. Typical crazy ignorant Americans. MHG

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