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Originally Posted by R8R H8R View Post
That is what Fox is saying, that he would have liked to at least disguise it enough to open up the possibility of a pass. He said the personnel grouping was such that Peyton couldn't have called an audible to something else if he wanted to, and the Ravens knew it.
The hope here, as noted at the end of the IAOFM post, is that Fox has learned his lesson. Sync this with what Elway recently said about Shanahan (below) and you'd like to think these mistakes won't be made again.

The other thing is he was very, very aggressive, and he wanted to win on the offensive and defensive side of the ball. A lot of coaches tried to sit back and win on defense. As a quarterback, why I liked Mike was he wanted to win it on the offensive side. If we needed a first down late in the game, we were going to be aggressive offensively rather than punting and putting the game in the defenseís hands. Thatís something I admired about Mike, and it led to a lot of success when I played with him.
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