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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
Sometimes people miss these threads. I remember a few years ago there was one of these I didn't vote on. I don't remember the subject matter, but I honestly didn't see it.
Touché. And there will be polls and I just don't vote. But as hot a topic as that would have been last offseason, I'm sure the note able absent T posters on here conveyed there thoughts in the thread and just didn't vote.

I voted on a ESPN? poll that I wanted Peyton in San Francisco. With a real defense and running game, something Peyton never really had consistently in Indy, I thought they could have been an even more dominant force....

But... I am ecstatic that Peyton is in Denver and this is a wonderful organization and a really really good young team. I hope Peyton plays out his contract and Denver dominates the NFL. But just by looking at my vote for San Fran people would have been upset, which is why I don't usually partake in polls. It really doesn't give your thought process behind a decision.
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