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Originally Posted by Willynowei View Post
No. Single application coding? Do you understand how graphics processing works?

1.) We do not know what they are planning to do with the ESRAM.
2.) on-die ram has in past instances resulted in efficiency gains of over 20%.
3.) as I've gone over and over and over again, the two companies have made enough customization that you can't compare them so easily.

I have an old Macbook that runs on x86 architecture. It's just not that simple.
Given that I've written operating systems in assembly for x86 hardware, a few games in my free time, and actively follow the industry with multiple acquaintances working in it professionally I'd bet that I probably do.

They will use the ESRAM just like the embedded RAM on the 360, as an expanded cache to make up for slower main RAM.

Embedded RAM doesn't make up for a relative lack of transistors and no sane hardware engineer would claim that the embedded cache with slower main RAM could ever be "customized" into outperforming far faster GDDR5.

Hell, Sony lead designer (Mark Cerny) specifically mentioned that they considered an embedded solution and found GDDR5 to be a far superior solution. Sony smaller OS footprint let them bet on 512MB GDDR5 chips and settling for 256MB and only 4GB of system RAM if they were wrong. MS committed to a massive OS footprint and therefore needed 8GB of RAM, they couldn't gamble.

Most developers were in favor of Sony's choice when it looked like they would not have 4 gigs. Them having 8 instead only magnifies that difference.

Also, video games are a single application. Any competently designed game has no issues with RAM latency as the multiple operations needed are all actively occurring at a given instance. Latency matters when you need to suddenly issue a large RAM dump and refill due to completely changing applications (like going from Web browsing to a spreadsheet) . Many of your games this generation stream from the disc and disc read/write options have latency that is orders of magnitude greater than any RAM latency difference.
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