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I wish people would get off their high horse when it came to consoles not being as great as home-built rigs. Of course this is the case! I used to build my own gaming pc's, but the last one I built was four years ago and I don't plan on doing it again anytime soon.

I've always owned consoles and I always will. This next-gen will not be any different and I'll probably end up owning both for various reasons, but I'll purchase the Xbox first cause... 'merica.

I don't really care. I'll own one of the next gen consoles. The performance specs of either are really pretty disappointing though. And remember, we're 5-6 months out on these as well. By the time these machines are on the street, a $150 card will outperform either one. That just wasn't true of the 360 or PS3 when they came out.
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