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Originally Posted by Drek View Post
The APUs are based on Jaguar and Radeon GCN silicon. There isn't a lot of unknowns for the hardware engineers about what this well proven silicon can handle.

Are MS and Sony both designing towards an energy and heat budget? Sure, but enough leaks have come out that we have a pretty clear answer as to what each is capable of.

Also, the latency "benefit" from ESRAM is measured only in nanoseconds and also largely irrelevant for anything other than changing code midstream (like you do on a PC OS when you close a program and open another). It has no appreciable benefit to single application coding.

It isn't erroneous at all to compare paper number of two x86 based APUs built by the same company using the same family of silicon as the origin. This isn't apples to oranges. This is apples to apples where they both fell from the same tree but different branches.
No. Single application coding? Do you understand how graphics processing works?

1.) We do not know what they are planning to do with the ESRAM.
2.) on-die ram has in past instances resulted in efficiency gains of over 20%.
3.) as I've gone over and over and over again, the two companies have made enough customization that you can't compare them so easily.

I have an old Macbook that runs on x86 architecture. It's just not that simple.

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