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Originally Posted by 24champ View Post
Great Scott!

Honestly, other than the 8GB of DDR5 it's not even that impressive. The PS3/360 were a 7 year generation (2 years longer than previous) and the processing power jump is the smallest we've ever seen. When the Xbox 360 and PS3 came out they actually spent a brief bit of time as being the real world most powerful gaming devices on the market (as the more powerful silicon in gaming PCs is always handicapped to some degree by the OS and bottle necks between the CPU, GPU, main memory pool, etc.) Same with the PS2 and original Xbox.

Granted, in all cases these were very narrow windows that quickly evaporated, but when the PS4 comes out it will be comparable to but not significantly better than a high end PC with a single top tier graphics card. SLI/Crossfire configurations will be significantly better. The XB1 will be on the high end of mid tier. Both will only fall down from there as they're fixed hardware.

That's not a huge deal, but in my opinion at least it makes every bit of power you can squeeze in the box for launch that much more important. Microsoft intentionally pulled up short on what they're putting in the box to allow for a three OS system (as opposed to one well designed OS, because they want to foist Windows 8 and RT on everyone) and to pay for Kinect in every box. It's not as bad as the Wii U, but it still doesn't go as far as it should (in my opinion).
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