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Originally Posted by extralife View Post
both systems use an 8-core 64-bit AMD Jaguar CPU with an AMD GPU of the same architecture on the die. they are so close to each other that if these were theoretically PC products launched by AMD or Nvida or Intel or whatever, they would both be released under the same brand. this information is widely available.
Then you're reading it wrong.

The Xbox One:
8 core AMD CPU (likely Jaguar, unknown clock but likely 1.6Ghz)
768 thread, 800Mhz GPU with 1.2 TFLOPs performance, 12 compute units
32MB of ESRAM at 102GB/s
8GB of DDR3 at 68GB/s

Of that 2 CPU cores, 10% of the GPU, and 3GB of the DDR3 are restricted entirely to the OS and not accessible to games.

The PS4:
8 core AMD CPU (likely Jaguar, unkown clcok but likely 1.6Ghz, though a recent rumor suggests they're pushing for 2.0Ghz)
1152 thread, 800Mhz GPU with 1.84 TFLOPs performance, 18 compute units
8GB of GDDR5 running at 176GB/s

Of that the speculation is that 1 CPU core (in conjunction in a seperate ARM CPU reserved only for the OS) and between 512MB to 1GB of RAM is OS reserved, with the rest available for games.

So the GPU is a 50% upgrade. The PS4 offers between 2-2.5GB more RAM. That RAM also runs significantly faster than the XB1's and with no need to manage data flow through the ESRAM.

The core silicon alone for these two devices are VERY different. Early rumors that were tied to these same numbers months ago make a Radeon 7700 to Radeon 7800 series. That now seems to be a bit generous to the Xbox One, but not entirely inaccurate. The PS4 has the biggest hardware gap we've seen since the original Xbox was released nearly two years after the Playstation 2. Their similarity as x86 CPUs with AMD designed GPUs only makes this gap more important because fine tuning to the more powerful hardware is substantially easier for developers.
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