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Originally Posted by extralife View Post
I said a modest off the shelf PC today would compete with if not outstrip a PS4/Xbone. A modest PC today could not make Crysis look like that, much less in 2007. When Crysis was released there was not a single consumer grade PC in existence that could run it at full settings in 1080p at even 30 FPS. In most ways, Crysis is still the most technically impressive game in existence from a raw power perspective. Only Crysis 3 and Metro Last Light can really compete. Of course, Crysis is also the least optimized video game ever developed.

As for the "myth" of console power, when the original Playstation came out consumer computers were barely capable running 3D video games in the slightest. It was not until 1996 (the PS launched in late 94) that PCs could reasonably compete. The PS2, and particularly the Xbox and Gamecube all outstripped mainstream PC 3D performance in 2000 and 2001. Prior to 3D, consoles were far more adept at gaming than comparable computers.
My PC runs Crysis 3 just fine.
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