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well, technically, these consoles now are PCs. all they have going for them, relative to the power of comparable desktops, is that they are closed systems and thus will be optimized for. as far as performance is considered, that certainly is an advantage, but historically consoles have also been built on entirely different architecture from PCs, making direct comparisons much more useless than they will be going forward.
Yeah, this is mostly what I would've said. In reality, what this switch to less proprietary platforms might accommodate is allowing another pc-centric player (Steam) to capture a big chunk of the enthusiast market.

It'll be easier than ever for developers to port their work to PC, since the all the hardware now speaks the same language. If someone creates an open hardware standard and content distribution system (sounds like Steam is working on both) they should have near-automatic developer support, and allow gamers to bring as much performance to the table as they can afford. Without pissing away cash on things they may not want, like Kinect. Or media content.

Microsoft should head them off at the pass and open up the Xbox software platform to their PC base. But they probably won't.
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