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Originally Posted by Willynowei View Post
Unless they drastically change business models, or vastly increase price, this is absolutely unavoidable.
Originally Posted by sirhcyennek81 View Post
From what I understand of console sales cycles, Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft tend to lose money on their systems when they first come out. The price drops tend to create a flood in demand, selling more units. But I'd assume for all three that they know that, so as long as they end up in the black by the end of the system's lifespan they are fine with it.

Sorry, I typed that up wrong. I meant to say that there's no source saying that they WON'T be selling at a loss, as is normally the case. I was trying to make the point that there's no reputable source making the claim that extralife did:

Originally Posted by extralife View Post
neither company anticipates selling this system at a loss.
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