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Originally Posted by extralife View Post
neither company anticipates selling this system at a loss

and yes, of course either company could beat the other. they didn't, because they are colluding through AMD. they have the same CPU, the same GPU, and the same amount of RAM. Sony is clocking the CPU higher and using DDR5 instead of DDR3 for the RAM. they are also likely charging more.

this is the first time in 30 years of console gaming that competing systems have had architectures anywhere near alike. they are reskinned PCs with a slightly different philosophy in harware configuration. there is zero proprietary hardware in these boxes.
AMD has two entirely separate campuses dedicated to each system, the two teams are under strict NDA's to avoid speaking with or contacting each other. Once these engineers go to work, they do it in a black box, but because they start with similar die sizes, power constraints, and silicon budgets, the designs are going to be somewhat similar. Furthermore, AMD's patents and resources are available to both groups, so there can be crossover, but neither side knows what the other is doing - MS and Sony each have dedicated personnel (from AMD) that work in near isolation.

Each chip has been in development for years, with Microsoft's GPU and CPU in the works since 2006. Half of Microsoft's system on chip (soc) is designed by their own staff.

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