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Welker won't cut into DT or Deckers targets one bit. Stokley and Tamme had about 90 balls between them. Those balls are now mostly Welkers. Instead a 4 man passing attack Broncos will be going more with a 3 man attack. Thats good though it makes us better at the LOS. If anything maybe we run a bit more but I don't think Welker there to change anything that happens outside with Decker and Thomas. They are turning into a fine tuned duo and when that happens look out. People don't think WR need chemistry with each other but that isn't true. Its not as important as guys on defense obviouse, or the oline but still when they reach a high level together it can be something special. Welker is the perfect guy. Think about it we don't have to subsitute and defenses want to. Tamme is out, Dressen is in. Stokely is out Welker is in. Dressen is now the number TE and there to mostly block and help out the pass protection/run game. Seriously we could get people on the field then just attack them no huddle. Teams trying to subsitute would be screwed. IMO rotating Dressen/Tamme/Stokley made that tougher. Its easy now especially if a RB can pass block and stay healthy at the same time. Hell probably 1000 yrds there for even a scrub runner who is tough, can block, and get the yards when defense occupied stopping our WR.
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