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Originally Posted by Houshyamama View Post
Here's a question. If either M$ or Sony could gain an edge by significantly beating the other's GPU, wouldn't they do so? Do you think they're just trying to **** you over here? These things will be sold at a loss at first, they always are. There's only so much you can do with $500. You people are ****ing ridiculous. Who are you angry at?

If you want a $1200 PC, buy a ****ing $1200 PC.
neither company anticipates selling this system at a loss

and yes, of course either company could beat the other. they didn't, because they are colluding through AMD. they have the same CPU, the same GPU, and the same amount of RAM. Sony is clocking the CPU higher and using DDR5 instead of DDR3 for the RAM. they are also likely charging more.

this is the first time in 30 years of console gaming that competing systems have had architectures anywhere near alike. they are reskinned PCs with a slightly different philosophy in harware configuration. there is zero proprietary hardware in these boxes.
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