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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
I've never had a red ring of death. Ever.
I must have been completely unlucky. I have friends who are still operating with their original units that they got in 2005 (Christmas Time) when they came out. Perhaps I logged too many hours of Elder Scrolls: Oblivion on there, but I really have no idea why I had a string of bad luck with them.

The saving grace was the warranty from Best Buy. The second one I got (after they had gone down in price) allowed me to get a $50 gift card and a new one that came with a game. After that second one died, I got one and it came with two games (Need for Speed and that Marvel Comics game) so I thought it was a pretty good deal.

After that, I sold it to a friend for like $125 bucks and a 30 pack of Bud Light.
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