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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
You could make that argument today (as Sony bois often do) But if they start bundling content, that changes the argument. Unless they charge even more. Which I wouldn't put past them I guess.

Anyway I've let my XBL subscription lapse from time to time. Right now I only pay for it because of my kids and Minecraft.
Bundling the content is the only way it could make that fee acceptable. I was never hard up to pay the fee, but I always thought it was stupid. After three red rings of death in 1.5 years of having the 360, I knew it was time to change. The last time I had a console was 2007. I didn't own one of my own (but roomies in Colorado each had one) until July of last year because I wanted something to primarily stream Netflix off of. I have two games -- Skyrim and NCAA2013. I would be willing to bet in the almost year I have had it, I have put less than 50 hours of gameplay into it.

I wouldn't consider myself a Sony Fanboi, I just went with a different product after past experiences with XBOX that made me go away from it. My gripe on the XBOX One isn't only because of bad experiences with the 360, but the fact that they are trying to bundle the system up for more of an entertainment experience with far less superior hardware than what is allegedly supposed to be in the PS4. I guess we will find out more June 10th when Sony releases the details. I probably will not get the PS4 right away. Not really into gaming as much as I used to be and there are other options (besides what I have with the PS3) that can allow me to do what I want.

Next up for me is getting an all-in-one iMac so I can continue to do my writing, graphic design and other things I make money for outside my primary work. A next-gen system simply isn't in the cards. . . unless PS4 blows me away. Then I could put that and an iMac on my Best Buy card and do payments for 18 months (take a page out of JETMECKS book) and be poor forever. . . like Cartman told Kenny in the Poor and Stupid NASCAR episode on South Park.
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