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Originally Posted by sirhcyennek81 View Post
I think people will stick to brand. If you have an Xbox360, you will probably go with the XB1. If you had a PS/PS2/PS3, you will probably go PS4.

I don't agree. The fanboys will stick, and then you have the gaming franchise fanboys, who will go wherever the franchise stays. After that, I think it will depend on the tried and true things: Cost, content and ultimately value. The games they get, used games, backwards compatibility, if any, and performance will be my sell. I'm not married to Xbox. I got a 360 because it was cheaper than PS3 and I didn't have any Blu-Ray movies and didn't feel like shelling out $50 (the price of the movies at the time) to justify owning the "cheapest Blu-ray player on the market!!!!."

I watch a lot of media online anymore. And I use my Xbox for that. That said, I don't constantly switch between TV, internet and movies all the time. The ability to switch quickly beyond the general convenience of quick transitions doesn't hold a ton of appeal - especially since we watch so much stuff after it's already on the DVR. Generally if we start something we just stay doing that for awhile - be it show, movie, TV or game.

Anymore it seems everything is internet capable. My Blu-ray player, TV, 360 and Satellite box all connect to the internet. Three of those devices have apps for Netflix and Pandora built into them. So while I understand where XBone is going, those types of features are going to ubiquitous and at best just hold current with all other technologies of the day.

So Iím not married to anything and I suspect, especially in a recession, that most consumers are going to weigh their options before they dive in based solely on brand.
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