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As a current xbox 360 owner, (who has red ringed 3 times) I am not impressed at all with the Xbox one and all of the news coming out about it. Is this really all they have? It is kind of a buzz kill, and it won't be enough to push me into spending all that money to buy a new console, games, controllers, ect. I haven't owned a PS since the original, but I think I would be much more likely to buy the PS4 just based off what I've read on this thread. Both of my smart TV's have these features that allow you to watch netflix, hulu, ect. I know personally, I want a GAMING CONSOLE, not some POS TV interface/gaming console that I have to subscribe to.
I hear ya. But to be honest, I think that's just the direction consoles are going. True hardcore gamers are just going to have to move more to PC I think. Some enterprising company could build pc's that are more living room friendly (for people not inclined to build their own), and become the pure gamer's best friend.

But I don't blame Microsoft and Sony for chasing the content distribution business. Microsoft's real mistake might be mandatory kinect. But maybe they'll wow me. The last one certainly didn't.
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