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Matt Paradis

The following owners are nominees for the Hall of Fame class of 2013:

1) Bud Adams, Houston Oilers/Tennessee Titans, 1960-present (never won a Super Bowl, betrayed his fans by moving the team to another city)

2) Jack Kent Cooke, Washington Redskins, 1974-1997 (A good owner, 23 years with 3 Superbowl wins, and was active in charities and civic organizations in D.C.)

3) Ed DeBartolo, Jr., San Francisco 49ers, 1979-2000 (team won 5 Superbowls during his tenure. However, was also involved in criminal cases involving graft and political corruption, and was eventually removed by the league)

4) Robert Kraft, New England Patriots, 1994-present (A good owner, team has appeared in 5 Superbowls and won 3 during his tenure)

5) Art Modell, Cleveland Browns/Baltimore Ravens, 1961-2011 (No. Just no -- you can't do what he did to the Browns fans and be considered for the HOF. Ever. Besides, his teams only won one Superbowl during his 50-year tenure.)

6) Carl Storck, Dayton Triangles, 1918-1930 (His resume is weak at best. Does everyone involved in the founding of the league deserve to be in the Hall of Fame?)

Personally, I think Bowlen has been a better owner and a more deserving HOF inductee than any of the above, with the possible exception of Jack Kent Cooke. Why the hell is he not on the ballot?
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