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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by ol#7 View Post
Not sure why you don't think Craig Morton should be in Dom, took the Broncos not only to their first Playoff's ever, but SB. His Jersey was about to be retired, but he acquiessed to allow Elway the number and even said that "Elway would take #7 to the Hall of Fame." Class act and took Denver to then unmatched success. Don't think you give enough credit for the 77-82 run he had here.

Agree that Reeves should be in. Was a different era. I know people bash the offense, but there was no FA during most of that period and the USFL had messed up the talent allocations for a few years too. Only player we got from that was Freddie Gilbert. It was draft or bust, and he coached up those teams too. Elway wasnt always all world back then either.

I dont think Bowlen has ever forgiven Upchurch for the drug embarrassment. I still remeber the story, Upchurch likes to play on grass and get high on it.

Alzado also left on bad terms, but that was a different regime, so dont understand that snub. Simon Fletcher was underappreciated when he played, so why should retirement be any different?
Personally, I love Craig Morton. He was my first Broncos "hero." 1977 was the first year I watched the Broncos, so I feel sentimental for Morton. When I was a kid, I had a book that detailed that '77 season. I would take that book to the park by my house, and replay the whole season in my imagination - again, and again. I loved him so much, I was disappointed when they gave that Elway kid Morton's number.

But, in retrospect, was Morton great, beyond the sentimental value of being the first QB to lead the Broncos to the Super Bowl? The Broncos were pretty good, the year before he arrived here. Under Steve Ramsey, they finished 9-5, and barely missed the playoffs.

The '77 team thrived because of their defense. If you look at Morton's stat line from '77, and compare it to Ramsey's from '76, they look pretty darn similar (and pretty darn mediocre). What Morton did was protect the ball a little better - a huge deal, for a defense as dominating as the Orange Crush.

To me, the Ring of Fame shouldn't be the Ring of Sentimental. It should be for the exceptional. If you were a Raiders fan, would you want Rich Gannon in their Ring of Fame (if they had one)? IMO, his career ran a similar arc as Morton's. He played six years there, took them to a Super Bowl, and even won an MVP. He was a gun for hire - a guy who fit exceptionally well into Marc Trestman's system. In his six years there, Gannon had three pretty good years, and one incredible year. Does that make him a Raider great? I hardly think so.

So, while I love Craig Morton, I just don't think he's a Broncos great.
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