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PC gaming vs Console gaming. There's pros and cons to each. PC gaming gives you much more flexibility. There's free mods to many popular games you can download fro free. Not so much with Consoles. PC graphics can achieve greater looks but that comes at a price. My graphics card cost more then a PS3, lol. But consoles are nice if you want to just kick it on the couch and play on the big screen. Both are alive and well and to be honest, alot of people now have both. Almost all of my friends have both.
Now that the hardware platforms are nearly identical, it baffles me that Microsoft isn't opening up the xbox platform to pcs. They don't make any money on selling hardware anyway. Why not allow an xbox virtualized dashboard (or app) on adequately configured pc's? They could sell their best licensed content without forking over the hardware subsidy. And PC gamers could have the best of both worlds (while making M$ even more money)
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