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Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
So what was up with that face on the tree? I for sure thought the tree was going to talk to that stranded couple with the baby. They kept showing that tree face but it never talked or anything. Weak. And what was chubby thinking there. Clearly that blade was special, it killed one of those freaks. And then he runs off like a dumbass and leaves it on the ground. Even if it wasn't a special magical blade, who in the hell in those times runs off and leaves a perfectly good blade laying on the ground. It would take 2 seconds to pick it up. Idiot. I hope some monster has him roasting over a fire next week, hahaha.

EDIT - and oh yeah, witch lady got a rockin body. Be tapping that ****, leaches or no leaches.

Almost all of the weirwood trees has a face carved in them. They are the old trees, the trees of the gods or whatever they say. From the original men, or children of the forest.
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