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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by BigPlayShay View Post
He's has a radio show here in Denver now. He says plenty. Quite the sea change.
It's one of the best things on sports radio. He was pretty raw when he first started. But I've learned so much about that guy.

For example
  • He's antisocial. He gets awkward and weird in front of people.
  • He doesn't like technology. No one calls him and he doesn't text.
  • He likes crossword puzzles. His wife and kids left town one weekend and was up all night doing a crossword puzzle.
  • He likes coaching. He wants to be an oline coach.
  • He knows a lot about sports. He enjoys hockey and baseball. He likes all the Boston teams except the Patriots, who he loathes.
  • He was one of the few who actually hated the players on the other team. Some guys would be friendly after games, he said he couldn't because he hated everyone.
  • He loves heavy metal and enjoys Metalica. His favorite song is Fade to Black.
  • He likes tough players. In basketball he likes players that play defense in a way that annoys scoring players.
  • He quotes Seinfeld quite a bit.
  • If you text him on the show, he'll text you back. We had a long conversation about which Metalica album was better and then he put some up for bumper music.

Between him and Les Shapiro, they really have a decent show going. He's freaking hilarious.

The rumors that he and Stink are on bad terms are totally false. The other day they had Schlereth on the show and they spent 15 minutes making fun of TD and the cheap golf clubs he bought the entire Oline - none of them played golf and TD did and he got a deal on them so that's why he bought them.

Then they made fun of Bubby Brister for a fair bit. It was really enjoyable to listen to. That oline was a pretty tight knit group for sure.
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