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Originally Posted by misturanderson View Post
There are plenty of rumors that Sony will be moving to a fee-to-play model like Xbox live gold with PS+ on the new system. There has been no confirmation or denial of this.

It also isn't clear whether they will have a similar used games model to MS (considering that it is all being pushed for by publishers as much as the console manufacturers which affects them both equally). If Sony isn't doing this and MS is, it would be interesting to see how that impacts third-party exclusives and support.

I won't get into the hardware issues since I really don't fully understand all of the numbers, but from what I read the (theoretical max) 107 Gb/s from the EDRAM would be added on to the 60 or so Gb/s inherent in the DDR3, making it essentially a wash from a numbers standpoint. Sony does have a clear advantage in the GPU department.
Both Sony and Microsoft want used games sales to be dead. So do gaming companies, however nobody wants to take the blame for the death of used games essentially so nobody will hone up to what is going to happen.

As for the fee to play, until you can prove otherwise, PS4 will be free for a majority of the features while XBox you will have to have the gold membership to get the same features. Honestly, its a small fee if you really think about it. This whole situation is incredibly minor. I just think it is completely silly for Microsoft to basically charge you to have the ability to stream Netflix.
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