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One more thing.

Dan Reeves should get in, period. I realize that a lot of his success came from the arm of John Elway, and that many (myself included) feel that he did Elway something of a disservice, for the way he ran the offense while he was here. But he took us to three Super Bowls, and 110 wins. He averaged over 9 wins a season, during that time. And, I know it would be a big honor for him - I don't think he's ever felt well about how he's appreciated here.

Shanahan needs to get in, too - when he's eligible.

And if we're talking about coaches, I wouldn't have any problem with Joe Collier getting in.
I agree, I think it is a travesty that he is not in already. Dan was coach of the year for Denver, Giants and Falcons. They guy deserves to be in the Broncos HOF. Joe Collier should be in as well. Red Miller....ah, not so much.
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