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This one's for Pat!
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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by SimonFletcher73 View Post
Huge part of Super Bowl teams. Deserving. Simon Fletcher snubbed once again.
I agree. He should be in. Rick Upchurch, too.

I never really thought Craig Morton should have been in, to be honest. He spent most of his career with Dallas. He barely threw for 10,000 yards with the Broncos. He was obviously instrumental in getting us to our first Super Bowl.

But if you look at guys like Fletcher and Upchurch, who spent their entire careers with the Broncos, it's hard to argue for a guy who spent basically five years here.

Although I am not old enough to have seen them play, you could probably make the same argument for Charley Johnson and Frank Tripucka. It's a testament to how sorry a team we had through the mid-70's that those guys are considered "great." Heck, Tripucka threw for 7,600 yards in his entire career here. Granted, that was a different time. But he also lost twice as many games here as he won. I think he has some AFL milestones (I had to look it up - first 3K season, and first TD pass). But the year he threw for 3K+, he also threw 34 INTs (against 24 TDs).
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