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Originally Posted by El Guapo View Post
Yes, I will not be purchasing it because, 1) OMG the name is terrible and 2) because of the way it looks.


Actually, to expand on #2, I much prefer this design as it will better fit into my entertainment rack in my media center.
After going through three XBOX 360s in less than two years (sophomore and junior years of college) -- I decided enough is enough. About 9 months ago I bought a PS3 (sadly before the slimmest version came out) and I have not had any problems with it. Streams stuff fine, plays DVDs/BluRay like a charm and has a good selection of games.

Want some real beef with it? Fine. (BTW, I am not even a PS fanboy, I just feel it is the superior product.
  • Weaker GPU in comparison to PS4
  • Not using GDDR 5, just GDDR 3
  • Fee to play
  • Compatibility issues
Just off the top of my head, and yes, aesthetics / appearance do matter to me. It is quite obvious that they are wanting to trend this towards a "multimedia" system rather than just a console. If so, they should have put in better hardware. My personal thoughts. If you want to go and get it, more power to you. I will not.

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