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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
1. Where would you spend the money instead? This is more about opportunity cost than any flat monetary cost?
1. Can't have a $80M cap hit for just the Offense in 2014 (which is what it would be if they keep Kuper).
2. Opportunity cost is cap flexibility in 2014. Peyton's restructure + cutting Mays/Kuper/(McGahee or Moreno) gives the Broncos flexibility to re-sign ALL internal FA's in 2014 without backloading contracts, and sign another impact FA if wanted. Without that, they would be lucky to re-sign everybody...let alone add anyone else.

Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
2. Why the **** do you think he should retire...?
My wife had ankle joint damage a couple years ago (reportedly what Kuper had), and won't ever be able to run again without swelling. Every time we go on a hike swelling/limping is an issue afterward. Can't imagine the impact playing football. Looks a lot like what was happening to him during the Ravens game (a full year after the original injury). I'm not a doctor, but any Orthopedic surgeon will tell you ankle joint damage is a chronic issue, because the cartilage is compromised. Pretty sure that's why the first thing they did this offseason was to sign Vasquez.

We had the best surgeon I could find, and had the plate removed 6 months after the injury. Did everything we could. Hope Kuper's (and Walton's) situation is different. I think Walton's injury was a little higher on the leg, maybe it didn't affect the ankle joint like it did with Kuper.

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