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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by v2micca View Post
Honestly, I felt that the compromise of activation codes was pretty fair. I.E. you can purchase a used game, but unless you get valid activation code for it, you don't get access to the online features, updates, content and support. You still get the core game, which you paid for, but the publishers don't have to spend their resources supporting a player who has removed them from the compensation process.
I don't have a problem with what I think Xbox one is doing, ie, to sell the game you have to uninstall it from your system. I do that anyway. I don't know if that's what they mean. Here's what we do know that they have come out and said very clearly.
  1. You will have install all games on the Xbox one.
  2. You don't have to wait for the install to finish while you play. It will install in the background while you start.
  3. The system itself doesn't require you to be online to play games (those that aren't online games, obviously) but if a game developer wants it always online, it will be.
  4. Once the game is installed, you don't have to keep the disc in your machine to play it.
  5. They are going to allow for the buying and selling of "retail used games" is the words they used.
  6. There will be no fees added on to installing a used game.
  7. Since save games are stored on the cloud, you can play your game at a friends house and it will keep the save when you come home.
  8. You will be able to share the game with friends in your network somehow (the details of this are forthcoming.)

So from that I gather it's going to be two things. It's probably something where you have to remove your install before you sell the disc. I suppose your gamestop guys would verify the license is removed before they accept it in trade. It would make it riskier if you're buying from someone else direct though.

The alternative is Microsoft creating their own internal marketplace where you can sell the digital copy online or even trade with others online. This would ensure the trade happens. Microsoft could even make all transactions be paid in Xbox points, or at least provide some sort of bonus for trading in that "currency" to keep the funds internal. I would actually like this in some measure because it would be easier to buy and sell your games, and it would drive the price down. The downside is gamestop would probably go out of business. I wouldn't be thrilled but I could live with that.

We'll see what they do.
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