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my brief take (I didn't watch the conference and haven't time to do so today either)

on complaints about xbox one being too heavy on TV and other non-gaming media:

I think microsoft is right - statistically people spent a lot more time streaming media on 360 than they did playing games. The future of tv (on-demand and streamed) is a big business opportunity for them and was always the intention with xbox, one of their few clear success areas. I see the emphasis on all media as positive for game developers because if it's essentially the new cable box you've got gaming hardware built in. That's going to remove the hardware barrier and bring your game to a wider audience. I think things will get worse for AAA gaming generally (i.e. outside of the 5 or so big players) before AAA either shrinks for a bit or merges with social / indie to become something new that's more popular than ever... meaning i think there's a future for a healthy "mature gaming" ecosystem but not until there is a breakthrough in cost control or a significant expansion of the audience (a harder battle than it should be due to risk averse publishers).
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