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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
At the time a lot of people thought Leonard Nimoy was just trying to kill the series, and his involvement in it, off forever. He had to be begged to do the movies and only agreed to the second if he could die at the end. It took letting him direct to get the third one going. Then he blows up the enterprise and people thought he was just acting out again.
I thought it was more written to kill off Spock, and if they couldn't sign him back for a couple more movies then just keep him dead. I just watched this with my 10 year old daughter for her 1st time to see TWOK and you could tell all the forshadowing, the Admiral on the ship meeting in the torpedo tubes, the use of great lit to forshadow death, needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one...the whole no win scenario theme that ran through the major characters, finally the last of the Tale of 2 Cities, I have been and all ways will be your friend. even thought the 1st and last chapters are perfect for the movie the rest of Dickens book doesn't have any other great quotes to steal.

Lucky for us they made the Spock III act believe able and slowly got Spock back to where he could play a couple roles in III and IV which were funny and touching.

Now I have to get ST III for my daughter to watch so she can see how they were able to bring him back to life and cheat the Kobishi Maur again.
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