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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
I love VI. Christopher Plummer is awesome. And Kim Catrall is a suprisingly good Vulcan. The battles are good. Everyone gets a moment of being awesome and funny, and Christian Slater even makes a cameo.
Yea but I rewatched all but V 2 years ago and I thought VI didn't hold up as well and III surprised me more with age.

What you posted above is why I liked it when I first saw it. Maybe it was the cluncky end where they *** Spoiler Alert *** foil the assignation plot that I didn't like it. There were small things too that should been caught in post production.

I hated III for the longest time mostly because they destroyed the Enterprise and the replacement Saavik but it was better shot and had some good action plus it was a very good setup to the next movie.
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