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D.J. Williams

Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
Star Trek the show - essentially a series of self contained morality plays - wouldn't work as a movie, and I actually don't think it would work as a series anymore. People want continuity and progression in their shows now. You can't really have these self-contained episodes where everything wraps up nicely and they move on to the next thing. The last vestiges of this are in crime dramas and maybe you could make a case for hospital dramas. Even those have started to veer away from the compartmentalization of stories in an episode.

And for those whining the movies are too action packed for what Star Trek was, guess what? Most of the movies had action, and all the cerebral movies that dealt with existentialism and morals were the worst.

In order of awesomeness
1. Wrath of Khan - Action
2. First Contact - Action, humor
3. Undiscovered Country - Action, humor
3. Star Trek - Action, humor
4. Voyage Home - humor, morality
5. Generations - action, humor, morality
6. Search for Spock - action, morality
7. Nemisis - action, morality
8. Motion Picture (Director's cut) - morality
9. Insurrection - action, morality
10. Final Frontier (sorry Shatner) Morality, some action
Negged for putting the Motion Picutre above anything including non-ST films that may have gone straight to video (directors cut or not.....dooooont care).

Ok....I wouldn't actually neg rep you but you get the point.

McCoys beard and bald women.....they might be amusing for a moment.

Prolly not much longer that.
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