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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by Gutless Drunk View Post
Peyton Manning's arm looks stronger - throwing with plenty of zip #broncos OTAs day1

@cecillammey That's nice. Can he hit the deep seam this year?

@jcgrayum hit some today in practice, I like the look of this Gase offense

just clearing up for those out there who think Oz is going to be pushed by's not close!

good day for Peyton today, arm looked stronger.

I don't think anybody was thinking he would push him this year. Oz has had a full year of NFL development and even more so a full year behind Manning. It seems to have done wonders for his game on all the things I've read. I'm sure a year in the league and a year learning from PM will also help Dysert. It's a good thing that we have 2 guys back there learning from PM and improving.

Loved hearing that DT and Decker look even more polished. Good god, with those 2 and Welker, holy crap that's going to be a handful for ANY defense. I'm going to take a wild guess that with those 3 guys on the field, the dump route to a RB is going to be WIDE OPEN. Not sorta open.....but WIDE OPEN.
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