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Originally Posted by v2micca View Post
Any there in lies the rub. Star Trek was never meant to be a ****ing action movie series. It was meant to be a sci-fi movie franchise. It was supposed to be something in the mold of The Abyss, or the original Alien, not DieHard in space. It was movie franchise that was meant to grapple with bigger ideas and themes, and while the original 10 didn't always succeed in that endeavor, at least they ****ing tried.

Sorry, when playing with the Star Trek franchise, you don't get to play the "Its just a fun summer movie get over your expectations" card This is a franchise that influenced countless thousands of young minds towards the science and engineering fields, it was a franchise that in a very racially backward time dared to put a Black Woman and Asian Man on the bridge. Yes, their metaphors were sometimes clunky and unwieldy, but this was a franchise that was always about expecting more. To see all of that reduced to a pandering action film franchise is the equivalent of Producing a Godfather sequel in the mold of The Fast and the Furious. So yes, I will criticized this poorly conceived, poorly written, and poorly executed pile of excrement.
This is what I have been trying to say all along Bravo!

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