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Interesting article, a few thoughts:

1. The BRCA testing is not administered on everyone, it is not a standard screening, no provider I know orders such a test unless someone meets the profile based on personal medical history. If women are going out and trying to convince an MD to test because they are "Scared", then they are stupid and should be seperated from their money as a penalty. My cousin's mother and grandmother both shared the gene, she got tested, she was positve for it.... she is weighing her options, but he recommendation as of today was removal of all breast tissue to curb risk.

2. I just don't see the Mainstream Media conspiracy here. A few years ago the mainstream media reported on a study of peer reviewed article that recommened that women not get Mammogram's every year- the rationale was does it makes sense to irradiate 1000 women to find 1 Breast Cancer? Does it makes sense to increase the 999 women's risk to detect one other woman's malignacy? Women were going nuts, calling for insurance companies head because they thought it was some consipracy.... how could TV repots this stuff it "dangerous" Again, so many people are dumb, if you have no family history of breast cancer, and no other risk factor, maybe skipping the mammogram makes sense.... ask your MD!

3. I didn't know genes could be patented. I knew the process for engineering the test or medication could be patented, just like Lipitor's formula.... crazy, and don't think gene should.

4. what is all this "Heroic" bull ****? C'mon, a rich actress get some testing, she decides to have surgery..... here's a newsflash, women have had this done for a longtime now.....
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