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C J Anderson

Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
What kind of feedback do you want?

The hemp oil one was interesting. I have read a lot about that for years now. Whether or not it can be the be all end all cure for things, I don't know, but it seems like it has helped people.

As far as Gerson Therapy?

I got about five minutes into it and was like, "Blerrprpepr!"

Probably a scam. Considering there have been no controlled studies on what the institute actually does and the 50 testimonials (which have been highly scrutinized) from people only saying it has worked.

And FWIW, most people here probably aren't interested in watching hour (or longer) YouTube videos on the matter. People would probably be a lot more willing to do so if you actually gave CliffNotes on the subject or actually discussed the content. You don't really do that. You'll post a link or article, it'll get criticized and then you (and others) come up with the same gimmick that we aren't enlightened, lazy, disingenuous, etc.

Like, whatever. *valley girl accent*

Watch this one;

and you will understand why disease and the study of it is so subjective.

This one covers a basic understanding needed to build a true understanding of how this disease thing really works. It's a MUST SEE VIDEO.
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