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Default Mini Camp Tweets

Here are some random observations:

Just asked Shaun Phillips about his role replacing Elvis: "I'm a proven player in this league"

Vic Lombardi Vic Lombardi ‏@VicLombardi 13m

Champ couldn't stop raving about the development of Thomas and Decker. Says they're better than ever.

Peyton says Hillman to have bigger role this yr, not just limited to subpackage like last year #broncos OTAs day 1

Side by side easy to see differences between Osweiler & Dysert - Oz standing out today, Dysert needs work #broncos OTAs day1

Wes Welker is sooooo quick, it hurts my ankles just watching him cut #broncos OTAs day1

Brock Osweiler has a cannon, throwing with lots of heat, footwork improved, proper hip snap & light on his feet #broncos OTAs day1

Peyton Manning's arm looks stronger - throwing with plenty of zip #broncos OTAs day1

High marks for dt and decker. Can see they already have better chemistry.

Rahim says he got a ton of support from other nfl guys

Happy for broncos to bring in Woodson. Never has backed away from competition. Dawkins talked to him off season

Champ feels like the team is stacked at corner. On Woodson. I'm all for it
Champ has talked to him briefly. Any team in league would love to have him

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