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Originally Posted by IHaveALight View Post
You are not a slave to genetics. It's quite opposite really, genetics are a product of the situation in which they exist. How ridiculous is the idea of genetic controller of our circumstance in the face of evolution?
I never said I was a slave to genetics, nor believe that to be the case. I was basically questioning your knowledge of genetics and its relation to disease.

You are however a slave to the indoctrination that has been laid before you. Explore multiple perspectives with all things in life, question them all. Utilize intuition. The red pill awaits.
Great generalized statement. I have actually had a few discussions with baja on alternative medicine and treatments and sent him a few things on a lady I go see for some stuff. I am about as open-minded as they come when it comes to health and healing because I have had my battled with a disease idiopathic and nature. I absolutely HATE the modern treatment for it (side effects of what I gotta take), and have tried exploring alternative options to get better.

Diet switching and lifestyle changes have been a big part of that. So please, spare me the Ivory Tower talk of how you are so much more enlightened than myself or others because we may disagree on an issue.
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