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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
People like you said the same thing 20 yrs ago, 50 yrs ago, 100 yrs ago. Hell go back to the caveman days and there was probably some caveman painting the end of the earth on a cave wall.

One day god will decide when our time is up. Not one second sooner.
This combination of population and climate change has never happened before. You know, quite a few scientists now accept that we are living in a new era they call the Anthropocene (although geologists want to stick with Holocene). What it represents is that man now controls the planet. We can wipe out entire rainforests in a generation. We are destroying the coral reefs which have existed on this planet for 10 thousand years and are the nurseries for 25% of the life in the sea. We can change the makeup of the atmosphere. We dam rivers and plow under wetlands. We can level mountains.

And then there are a bunch of us who can say with a straight face that we don't have any effect on the climate and it's all up to god.
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