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Originally Posted by baja View Post
How did you come to believe that?
There is a "faith" gene you are born with....if your lucky. seriously I guess its just how i was raised. I respect my father and he believed. He was smarter then any of you so I will continue to respect his ways. He was also a scientist and an engineer so its BS that faith and science do not mix. You just must have faith that god created science. Science is both to enrich our lives and test our faith.

Then as an adult I just feel it often when I am engulfed in nature or i see a person sacrifice their own happiness for other people. When I help people instead of only caring about myself i get this feeling inside that we are all one family and someday won't need govts or nations. Then i realize we have a long long ways to go, but giving up and saying **** it there is no god, only science matters, IMO is not how the human race will best serve itself.

Then lastly I was visited by an angel the night my dad died that looked just like my grandma. She told me not to be sad and to live my life in his honor. probably just a crazy dream from being so upset but you never really know do you?
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