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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by W*GS View Post
Not easy fixes, true. One of the races is between our population growth and the treatment of women. Another is between our energy needs and fossil fuels and the problems they cause.

I'm not quite ready to write off Homo sapiens just yet.
I'm not writing off humans. What worries me is our track record. What we should be doing is seeing the writing on the wall and changing our direction. What I fear we are doing is just hurtling toward some cataclysm, after which we will be forced to change, like it or not.

Hell, half the country has their heads in the sand and they just don't want to hear about it. Look at people like Imhofe? There are people who just flat don't believe in science. It's the 21st century and there are some trogs out there who want us to base our society on the writings of nomadic desert holy men who lived two to four thousand years ago. And many of these nutjobs have political power. If they can't impose their will, they can certainly obstruct anything they don't agree with.

So, in the final analysis, even if we do agree on the change needed, we don't have the political apparatus to implement it. We're at a stalemate. And that's just America. Go to some places in the world like Afghanistan or Africa and you find people who's mindset is just barely out of the paleolithic. Try and explain overpopulation and birth control to them. Hell, they're still burning witches.
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