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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by The Lone Bolt View Post
Ro's theory is that as machines replace people in jobs more people, in terms of a percentage of the workforce, should be permanently unemployed. That should hold true no matter what the population of the workforce is.
And I think it will in the future. Technology will replace workers while workers produce more workers. Do the algebra.

Here's another problem: Can economies grow infinitely on a planet of finite resources?

Right now it takes thousands of workers to build the millions of IPhones that Apple can sell. Let's say robotics can replace those workers in a few years and build even more phones, cheaper - plus they never need time off? What happens in SE Asia? China?

The whole point is that humans have created modern civilization based on principles that are unsustainable. Will there come a point in time when we can't innovate our way out of the problems we have created? Judging by what is happening in the natural world, I'd say we're on that threshhold.

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