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Bmore Manning

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I'm not saying I agree with cutthemdown, but Woodson's play has declined. And if we were worried about Q.C's long term health, then we should have taken a true safety and not a DB who's raw but has crazy potential at CB, but is physical so people think he should play safety. There were plenty of safeties on the board, still not sure why so many think Webster will be playing safety for us.. Maybe I'm wrong, and he will.. But if Woodson was brought in to be a matchup DB verse the TE then that's a quality move.. But an everyday starter at SS, thanks but no thanks. And I watch every game, because I love football, and I will verify that Woodson's physical skills are in decline, mostly due to father time.

Situational player? Yes please.. starting strong safety? No thanks. I would like to see some physicality back there.. A strong safety who can separate the ball from the player, and a free safety who is a ball hawk, turnover machine.
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