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Randy Gradishar

Originally Posted by TheElusiveKyleOrton View Post
Every article says the circus is the ONLY reason he's not an NFL QB? or do they say he's not good enough, and the circus surrounding him is a PART of the reason no one will sign him.

Vince Young was terrible. Yet teams have signed him to be a back up QB, because they know he doesn't have a fanbase that will start chanting his name the first time the starter throws an incompletion or interception.

Tebow doesn't have that luxury. The idiots -- the same people who say John Elway is just jealous of Tebow and worried about him breaking his records (btw: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) -- will scream and make a scene and claim there's some conspiracy to keep their sub-50% completing wet dream off the field. Who needs it? Who needs the media asking questions about a third stringer in the locker room EVERY. SINGLE. DAY? And sure, you want to claim that's the media's doing, and yadda yadda, but they wouldn't do it if there wasn't a rabid horde of Tebow dip****s hoping to lap up every single last word of tripe that a media outlet can supply.

Mike Klis was actually a good reporter until he became the lead writer for Tebow Teen Beat and started injecting Tebow stories in every lede he could.

Lindsay Jones straight up told me, "we're not going to stop covering Tebow, because he gets page views and sells newspapers," and this was AFTER HE'D BEEN TRADED.

Media outlets don't scream information into the abyss when they know something -- however idiotic -- will sell papers or get ratings/pageviews. THAT is what you see from the media.

It's very much driven by the fans.
For me, it's an instant "facepalm" that anyone would even think that a HOF QB "might" be jealous of a guy who cannot place the likes of Kyle Orton or Mark Sanchez behind him on the depth chart... nevermind that more than one such deluded individual would consider typing that thought (assertively... as if it were fact) in cyberspace. (oh, and the religion Timmy follows... kinda frowns on twisting the facts to tear down one individual in an effort to build up another... it's called "lying", folks.)
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