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Originally Posted by Lestat View Post
the only people truly qualified to talk about the players or coaches are the players so this is beyond a silly statement.

everyone and their mama knows Woodson is a better player and a Broncos player saying it isn't news.
you saying that is as bad as people who were clamoring for Elway's head because he wanted to upgrade over Tebow so that we could have he best chance to win.
players sometimes last to know or admit when someone is washed up. Woodson is washed up and no longer a starter in the NFL. he won't play every game and he will give up big plays this yr. You guys watch and you will see i am right. Woodson a has been and should hang it up. I watched some packer games last 2 years and he just hasn't the range anymore and has stopped sticking his head in there to make tackle. He reaches with his arms now like an old man afraid to get injured.
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